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How 2 create a pdf document holding image scan files

September 14, 2011

Hi all!
Today I’m gonna share with you how to create a pdf document holding several images scan files.
You probably have already asked yourself sometimes on how it would be great if you could easily create a pdf file from a bunch of image files after using you scanner. I have.
Some scanner manufacturers do already provide ways to do multiple scans into a resulting pdf file, if this is your case you can stop reading now.
As a Linux user and as a legacy scanner holder(but still an excellent unit) i found this an excellent way to achieve my task:

  1. You need to install ImageMagick. In fedora you can do that by typing:
    yum install ImageMagick
  2. Next change directory into where you got your scans.
    In my case:

    cd ~/scans

    All my scans are auto-generated names as follows:

  3. To get your pdf just type:
    convert SCAN_[0-9]{3}.png book.pdf

    and it’s done.

  4. To see the result just open the result book.pdf file.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip.

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One Comment
  1. Hugh permalink

    Simple Scan can do this directly, in a GUI kind of way. You scan a batch and then save to PDF. Of course it has all the strengths and weaknesses of GUI applications.

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